As an industry pioneers, with more than 50 years expertise in the production, processing and packaging of cold cuts meat products across the Middle East region; Americana had used state-of-art technologies and R&D expertise in processing and packaging to enhance their product range crafting Americana Gourmet range that was made of the finest ingredients around the world to offer consumers a premium range of deliciously, mouthwatering ,cured and smoked Deli meats that simply Taste Different


Beef Bacon 200G

Beef Pastrami 200g

Smoked Chicken with Hardwood

Smoked Turkey with Cajun

Smoked Turkey with Cracked Pepper


Our products are made of only the finest ingredients: whole muscle beef, and poultry, carefully chosen premium meat cuts and , adding to them our secret recipes with the right blend of herbs and spices they are slowly cooked and smoked to create the perfect balance between flavor, taste and texture.