(English) Beef Bacon 200G

(English) Beef Pastrami 200g

(English) Smoked Chicken with Hardwood

(English) Smoked Turkey with Cajun

(English) Smoked Turkey with Cracked Pepper

Beef Mortadella with Olives 5kg

Beef Pepperoni (Plain) 450g

Beef Pepperoni (Plain) 150g

Mortadella Beef with Olives 5kg

Mini Beef Mortadella Olives

Beef Mortadella – 5k

Mortadella Beef (with pepper) 5k

Mortadella Beef Plain – 250g

Mini Beef Mortadella Pepper

Mini Beef Mortadella Plain

Beef Salami (Plain) 2500g

Beef Salami (Plain) – 150g

Mini Beef Salami

Chicken Mortadella 2500g

Chicken Mortadella Olive 2500g

Chicken Mortadella (Olives) – 200g

Chicken Mortadella Plain 200g

Mini Chicken Mortadella Olive

Mini Chicken Mortadella Plain

Mini Turkey Breast

Smoked Turkey Breast (plain) – 200g

Roast Beef

Smoked Turkey Breast-1500g

Mortadella Pure Beef-5kg