Our authentic Home-style pies are full of taste and flavour! With unique qualities, our Home-style pies are indeed the best piece of Home cooking you can buy in the market!


Feta cheese rolls 500g

Feta Cheese Triangles – 500g

Cheese Rolls

Golash Pastry

Cheese Samosa 12pcs – 240g

Filo Pastry Leaves – 500g

Puff Pastry Squares (10*10cm) 20pcs – 800g

Puff Pastry Squares (6*6cm)20pcs – 320g

Puff Pastry Squares 10pcs (10*10cm) – 400g

Choco Cream Pie with Hazelnut


We reflect the needs and wants of today’s woman life style in caring for her family / friends , with sharing her love in small pastry bites by baking like bakeries with ultimate range that suit all sweet & savory taste palate. Sharing the beauty of baking.